Rapid Fill Mugs coming to WDW Resorts

For the last several years, you could buy a refillable mug that allows you virtually unlimited access to soft drinks within your resort.  Unofficially, you could even carry your mug with you to another resort and refill it there, too.  Mug colors changed over the years in an effort to police the indefinite reuse of the mugs (i.e.: you are supposed to buy a new one each visit).

Now, Disney is rolling out a new mug technology – RFID-enabled mugs that are programmable to allow for a certain number of days’ use, and they WILL be useable at every resort on property at  Walt Disney World for the length of your program.  No word yet on whether the RFID-enabled self-service soft drink machines will also be placed within the individual theme parks.  It also sounds as if they’re going to include the mugs in the DDP.