Disney Apps

Both for the planning and “execution” phase of your trip, there are dozens of Disney-related apps available for both iOS and Android.  I can’t possibly cover them all, so below is the list of apps I use frequently (with links to the iOS versions below):

My Disney Experience – Disney

The Official app from The Disney Company, My disney Experience is the must-have app for your Disney vacation.  Obviously including things such as park maps, hours and current wait times (which are activated when it uses the GPS to “sense” your presence at a Disney Park), the My Disney Experience app also integrates with your resort and dining reservations, allowing increasing levels of interaction with your ability to plan and modify those reservations (you can now, for example, cancel dining reservations via the app).  In the future, Disney has stated that this app will also integrate with the new MyDisney+ system, allowing you an almost 360° view of your Disney trip (this is almost done as of 2016).

Disney Mobile Magic – Disney and Verizon

A predecessor of the My Disney Experience app, and only fully-functional to those individuals using the Verizon network, the Disney Mobile Magic app shares much in common with My Disney Experience, short of the reservation integration.  You can get maps, see current wait times and find attraction hours.

Disney World Lines – touringplans.com

Touringplans.com offers several apps for the Disney-going public.  I used to use this app to find out the wait times at my favorite attractions.  It has mostly been supplanted by the My Disney Experience app, as the wait times on this app are fed by users of the app itself, which impact accuracy.

Disney World Wait Times Free (and Disneyland Wait Times Free) – Versa Edge Software

Like touringplans.com, Versa Edge Software offers dozens of Disney-related apps.  If you can’t use My Disney Experience or Disney Mobile Magic, a combination of Disney World Lines and Disney World Wait Times should provide you with a pretty good estimate of the current attraction wait times.

Shop Disney – Disney

Need something from Disney (Store or the Parks)?  Order it via the app.

This tool allows you to buy virtually anything (but no longer as comprehensive as before) found in a Disney Park, from clothing to toys and souvenirs. Forgot to pick up that one special magnet in the Magic Kingdom, can’t find it at your resort and no longer have any remaining park tickets?  No problem. Search for it here and have the item shipped to your home.  As I just noted, however, the app no longer has the full run of items available in every single location (and no longer tells you where to find things in the various stores throughout the Parks).  That plus the lack of resort-shipping options means that there are times where you might want something from a specific store in a specific location… and that’s the ONLY place where said item is available (say, I dunno, maybe a plastic pirate sword only sold at the PotC gift shop… that I tried to find in EVERY other store only to discover that they no longer sell all pirate stuff at World of Disney… but no, I wouldn’t know from experience or anything).

And when you feel like you need a virtual park visit, grab Disneyland Explorer.

There are also dozens of great Disney apps that aren’t exactly supporting your Park visit, but are great for a Disney fix:

Toy Story Mania – An app for an attraction.  Use it at home.  Then unlock special features when you’re in the presence of one of the two Toy Story attractions at either Disney’s Hollywood Studios or Disney’s California Adventure.

it’s a small world – An interactive book version of the classic ride.


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