To all who enter this happy place, welcome… to my Disney Guide.  I created this page after getting tired of updating a Word document with all of my general tips and tricks to Walt Disney World.

This site is nowhere near as comprehensive as AllEars.net, or a Birnbaum Guide.  It’s not meant to be.  This instead is a place to come to sort out the noise and get a start on Disney planning and basic Disney travel management.  I haven’t covered everything here yet, but who knows – now that I’ve moved it to a blog, maybe I’ll get creative.  🙂

Although we visit many times each year, I can’t see/do everything.  So if there’s something I’ve missed, please let me know.  Also – I’ve enabled comments on each of the pages you’ll find via the drop-down menu above, so if you have other tips and tricks to share on a given topic, you can do so.


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